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Catherine's complaint against Joie Baby

Catherine Nicoletti


[LAPSED] I-Advance car seat - no head support.

Complaint against Joie Baby

Hi, I never thought I would have to complain once again about a Joie Baby product after the amazing service I received previously. Unfortunately, I again am having to resort to making my complaint public as I don't feel that anyone sees my matter with any urgency. I have a number of Joie baby products and the I-advance car seat is one of them. I originally purchased the car seat through Precious Little Ones and I raised this issue directly with them on the 8th October soon after we used for the first time, the I- advance car seat. I advised them that my 7month old son had no head support and I requested their assistance in either getting the car seat refunded or replaced. I advised that throughout the car journey my sons head was wobbling and when he fell asleep his head slumped forward. I advised them that I have been recently made aware that this issue is not uncommon with this particular car seat and even informed them of a Facebook form that has over 1200 members complaining about the same head support issue. P.L.O first response requested photographs or a video illustrating the fault, along with product barcodes. They advised it would be forwarded to the manufacturer for review. I was shocked at this request as I clearly was not willing to put my son back in the car seat with the lack of head support. I then forwarded them photographs of another child whose head slumped like my son when he fell asleep in the car seat via the Facebook form. Since then all I have received from P.L.O is they are awaiting Joie Baby's response. Having already dealt with Suzanne from Joie baby who not only provided me with amazing service but also was very compassionate and resolved my previous issue promptly. I attempted to contact her and was hoping to get some sort of assistance, unfortunately this has not happened. Out of desperation I have again used the car seat for the second time since purchasing it and I am no more reassured that my son is safe. I have extrem concerns of the lack of head support and if this matter is not resolved promptly I plan to take this matter further. All I am asking is to either have my money refunded or have an alternative car seat of which I am willing to pay the difference. I will not however put my son in the car seat again as I believe his life is at major risk of SIDS and also if I were to be involved in a car accident my sons head has no support from impact.

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Lapsed. Catherine has not responded in 90 days

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Sarah Jones | | VERIFIED

Good morning Catherine. We are really sorry to hear about this. Would you mind giving us a ring again on 0800 952 0061 and we'll do everything we can to assist? Thank you! Joie
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