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Ema's complaint against Joie Baby

Ema Hutton


[LAPSED] Unsafe 360 spin car seat

Complaint against Joie Baby

I contacted Joie baby last wk regarding my 360 spin car seat that I brought from mother care for £275.. my little one is just 2 years old and can easily get out the seat he presses the button with one of his tiny thumbs and it just pops open then he’ll get out the seat and play in the back while I’m trying to pull the car over in a safe place to put him back in again this can happen up to 20 times on a short journey!!! I nearly crashed a couple of days ago when someone put there brakes on in front of me and I was busy looking in my rear view mirror... I have 2 other sons so I know that it gets to a stage around 3 when they can get out there car seat but then they have more understanding so u can explain/reason with them!! we have a maxi cosy in the other vechicle & he can’t get out of that..The advise off Joie baby was for me to sing & play games with my baby to distract them, but I’m sure the police would disagree with as I’m supposed to be concentrating... they said they would test the seat and send all the details over but nothing has been sent or no one has been in contact, I don’t think there taking this seriously, will it take for a little one to be hurt b4 they do something, I hope NOT!!

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Lapsed. Ema has not responded in 90 days

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Ema Hutton | | VERIFIED

Sarah Jones | | VERIFIED

Afternoon Ema, Really sorry to hear about this. Please do give us a ring on 0800 952 0061 and we'll do everything we can to assist. All the best, Joie
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