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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Hello Fresh

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Appalling customer service - Impossible to cancel

Complaint against Hello Fresh

I had around 5 boxes from October to December 2015, I tried to cancel it because I found it pricey and we were away during Christmas but you can't cancel through their app, so I had to pause it different time as I didn't know how to cancel it as also when you go to their website is not really easy and it continually crashes and once I did I got the confirmation through the website but not email, but it wasn't actually! They usually send an email on the Wednesday for delivery on Sunday as a reminder in case the subscription is still on so you can cancel or edit the order but in March is when my nightmare started. I received an email from the courier on the Sunday morning about a delivery I never ordered and I never received the reminder on the Wednesday, I called different times the customer service department but they said I should have pause it again or cancel it. I sent the box back in the evening and I received an email on the Monday morning telling me they were re sending the box that night and I must have accepted. Now, the problem is that as I told them on the Sunday I was going away on Monday morning. They just didn't care, they sent it anyway and left on the doorstep while I was away. I had to ask my sister-in-law to go there and check on Tuesday morning and nothing was there apart from the postcard with "Box left on the door step" on. I called my bank and explained everything, they put a Visa complain through and refunded the money. Now after 2 months I received an email from their payment department asking to pay the cost of the box plus some charges. This is the worst customer service I ever experienced in the UK, they just don't care about what you are saying, they don't care about their fault (no reminder on the Wednesday, no choice of cancel the subscription on the app, no choice of taking the box back, and 5 tricky questions when you try to cancel the subscription through the website). I've been dealing with Chloe and Amy (UK) no help or sympathy has been given. Even when, one of them cannot find "my account" in the system, another one is reaching me in order to subscribe me again with them, my Hello Fresh App says that my subscription is cancelled. Amy and Chloe still saying that my account still activate and I have to pay for something that I never received. I have advised this service to lots of people and I wish I never did! I have now contacted the Ombudsman and I will take this further if needed. ENJOY if you don't have any problems with Hello Fresh, but PRAY AND GOOD LUCK if you want to cancel your subscription or you have any problem.

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