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Chris's complaint against iSwegway

Chris simpson


Terrible quality and shoddy service

Complaint against iSwegway

Purchased a swegway for my sons 14th birthday in for it to fail a day later - intermittent cut outs and random spinning itself around. Also makes a grinding noise whilst in use and then it started to leak oil on my new amtico flooring. I contacted iswegway who then sent me an email with a request of photos of the machine at different angles and a short video which I duly did. I never had a response from this so I phoned them and was then sent the same email requesting the same info which I did again. I never heard anything again so yet again I phoned them and was told they would collect the machine on the Friday so I waited in and nobody turned up so I phoned them and was told it would be a Monday so I waited in and nobody turned up so I phoned them and was told it would be between 15.30 to 16.30hrs but no one turned up so we emailed them that evening and had no reply so we phoned them the following day and was told it would be collected on the Wednesday - we will have to wait and see what happens but I don't hold out much hope with these cowboys. My son put some money towards this and it was also his birthday present which he has managed to use for one day and now sat in box. Their customer service is non existent to the point they actualy do not care they are ripping people off and messing people about. I would seriously avoid this company unless you wish to waste nearly £400 on something which is isn't fit for purpose and endure very disappointed kids. Judging by all the complaints on here I wish I had read this first and stayed away - I must admit though if they don't resolve it I will be putting a video of name and shame on YouTube and personally hand deliver it to them - terrible service

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