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Sue's complaint against Ticket Selection

Sue Barnard



Complaint against Ticket Selection

I tried to order tickets for The Cure at Manchester Arena (29 November 2016) as soon as they went on sale, as a special gift for my son and his partner. Within seconds of the tickets first going on sale, I was redirected to TicketSelection's site as being an "official" supplier. I must admit that I was uneasy about it from the outset, but there appeared to be no other way of obtaining tickets, so I reluctantly ordered two (at a significant mark-up, I might add). TicketSelection debited my credit card straight away, and their confirmation email promised that the tickets would be sent out "between seven and ten days before the event". Less than a week before the event the tickets had not arrived, so I tried to contact TicketSelection to ask about them. There is a London phone number on TicketSelection's website, but it's answered with just a recorded message, telling people to contact the company by email "for a faster response". But although I sent several emails (and have proof that they have received and opened at least one of them), they did not respond to any of them. For information, the company's registered address is in Spain (presumably out of reach of UK law). Eventually I received an email from TicketSelection (though not in response to any that I had sent) saying that the tickets would be available for collection at the venue on the day of the event. A second email, sent during the day of the event itself, gave instructions for meeting TicketSelection's representative and collecting the tickets. These instructions included the requirement to present a print-out of the order confirmation - which I had to deliver to my son in person (involving a 90-minute round trip in dreadful traffic) in advance of going to the venue. To be fair, the handover of tickets went smoothly, and my son and his partner had a wonderful evening. But the frustration of being totally unable to contact TicketSelection in the days before the event, coupled with the fear that the tickets might never appear at all, caused me no end of worry during the days leading up to the event. The fact that the tickets were intended as a gift was an added complication, as the failure to deliver could have caused great embarrassment to me and untold disappointment to them. I'm sharing my story because although it worked out OK in the end (albeit at a price), dealing with this company is far more trouble than it is worth. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the same experience.

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