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Marjory's complaint against Ticket Selection

Marjory Naismith



Complaint against Ticket Selection

I bought 4 tickets in June 2016 for Paul Simon's Manchester gig in Nov 2016. The price mysteriously rise between purchase dat and July but the tickets never arrived. A last minute email message stated this "Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing your Paul Simon tickets from ourselves. Firstly, please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed arrival of your ticket(s). As per our Terms & Conditions, which you accepted on completion of your order, tickets are occasionally arranged for collection from a representative at the venue. Your ticket(s) have been made available for ourselves to receive on arrival at the O2 Apollo and ultimately handed to you personally, on the evening of Thursday 10th November 2016. Please call our designated Courier - Phillip on 07342308046, ONLY and anytime after 7-15pm on Thursday. This is to allow him time to collect your tickets, establish the geography of The Venue and a convenient meeting point for you. We understand your concerns but please be reassured that there are no "hard and fast" times for your arrival and he will be in attendance until after Paul Simon is on stage. For your own security, we do not require valuable items of identification ie; Passports or Credit Cards to receive your tickets. However, it is ESSENTIAL that you or the recipient of your ticket(s) print off and bring with you or them, your Order Confirmation, as tickets will NOT be released upon production of iPhone screen shots. Finally, may we take the time to thank you for your understanding, wish you a safe journey and an enjoyable evening." No way was I falling for this!!!! Utterly dreadful. We managed to get legit tickets the day before the concert thank goodness from a recognised vendor with no issues. What a relief. Why is this company still trading with al, the forums saying they are scammers??

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Ticket Selection failed to resolve this complaint

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Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Hi Marjory These were legit tickets which were arranged for collection. As stated in our Terms & Conditions which you agree to on purchase state that in some cases tickets may be arranged for collection. Kind regards Ticket-Selection

Marjory Naismith | | VERIFIED

Funny how you ask so many people to meet you at the venue isn't it? So many complaints about tickets that never show up. All advice from Police is NEVER to meet alleged vendors at venues so don't pretend that you are legitimate. Your website is a hoax from start to finish. Your response is meaningless.

Marjory Naismith | | VERIFIED

They seem to have found a loop hole, stating that collection at the venue is in their terms and conditions. Let's be honest! Who, in their right mind, would agree to phone a mobile at 715pm on the night of a concert to meet some shady character bearing "tickets" . All police advice tells you NEVER EVER ado this. So why have the authorities stopped 3rd party sellers like Ticket Selection from defrauding the public. The venues should be instructed to sell all tickets direct. SIMPLE SOLUTION
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