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Agi's complaint against Ticket Selection



[LAPSED] Never buy from them

Complaint against Ticket Selection

I ordered my tickets for chase and status gig on 26.11.2016, what me and my boyfriend were excited about. But i did not get my confirmation of purchase straightaway, so it rang alarm bells that something isn't right, and no one replied to me for a month. That made me to do a bit of research about the company, and that is when i realised i have just been conned. Is 2 days to go until the concert takes place, however there is no sign of tickets. Last e-mail correspondence stated that my tickets will have to be collected??? Delivery fee was paid to get them in my hands before the gig takes place! They just said i accepted t&c to collect them in extreme cases. Which seem to be all the time. I am so frustrated that i won't be attending it, but i want to make sure no one falls for this! Please spread the word!

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Lapsed. Agi has not responded in 90 days

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Martin higgins | | VERIFIED

Did you get your tickets and me and my mrs was meant to meet the courier on that night and he didn't show up..... Please report this company if they scammed you too.

Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Hi Agi can you please send me your order number and I will look into this for you? Kind regards Ticket-Selection
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