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jeremy's complaint against Ticket Selection

jeremy woods


[RESPONDED] Scam Ticket Selection

Complaint against Ticket Selection

Phone number and email fail. They look genuine but no tickets!

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Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Hi Jeremy Can you please provide us with an order number and we can look into this immediately for you? Kind regards Ticket-Selection

jeremy woods | | VERIFIED

Order #21703

Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Hi Jeremy We sent an email on 13th September 2016 at 2.53pm to say that we had tried to contact you but we were unable to reach you and that there had been a problem with your card and that we were unable to process the payment. We asked for you to call us at your earliest convenience. Please contact us via email at [email protected]

Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Kind regards Ticket Selection

jeremy woods | | VERIFIED

Yep. I called. The message machine told me to email. I emailed over and over again. The address on your website does not have the '-' hyphen in your name. Your message also said you would call me. You did not. You are in Spain! Your feedback from MANY 'customers' reflected my own experience, DREADFUL service. You may not be a scam, but your BAD service makes you as bad as a scammer. MY TICKETS????

Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Hi Jeremy, I can assure you that the email address on our website does have the hyphen in it. [email protected] We have searched the emails and unfortunately there is not one email from you. Our message said we had tried to call you, which is why we then sent you an email. Payment has not been taken so your order has not been processed. Kind Regards Ticket Selection

jeremy woods | | VERIFIED

Thank you, but just look at the complaints you get. Clearly there is something wrong with the set up you have.
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