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Nathan's complaint against Ticket Selection

Nathan Hanley


[RESPONDED] Scammed Out of Almost £900

Complaint against Ticket Selection

On the 7th October I purchased Coldplay tickets from the site in question. After this, I looked into the reviews and complaints related to this company on various sites, and noticed that almost all complaints went unresolved, with most never receiving any tickets, and many claiming the site was fraudulent. This is especially true of their social media platforms, and their low ratings on both Trust Pilot and A Spokesman Said. Many claimed that the site was unresponsive, and doubted the legitimacy of the tickets. The few that had received tickets, were told to travel ludicrous distances to meet in shadier locations, usually on the day of the event itself. Because of this, I wanted a refund for the entire £869.65, as I felt that I would not receive tickets, especially as the site made no attempt at communication and the reviews were abysmal. In addition, their site claims the company is based in London, despite them actually being based in Spain. I attempted to contact the company via over 10 phone calls and 3 emails over the course of the 7th October, to which the phone calls went to voice-mail and the emails went unanswered. I originally intended to have the additional four tickets refunded/cancelled. I made contact with my bank in regards to cancelling any transactions, however, they asked that I contact them after the transaction was processed. Following this, I then had a family member (mother) attempt to make contact, as the site still refused to reply to me. They replied several days later with what appears to be a falsified forwarded email, claiming that they contacted me on the 7th October offering the chance to resell my tickets, in exchange for them keeping 25% of the fee (around £220). The site then refused to reply to any of my mother's emails. I have since contacted my bank (Nationwide) in an attempt to notify them of the fraud in an attempt to reverse the payment, and it was suggested I make contact with Action Fraud. Nationwide have claimed that they will contact Ticket Selection. I have still had no communication from Ticket Selection, despite it almost being a full month since this incident occurred.

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Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Hi Liam, You have not been scammed. You emailed us and we advised you that as stated in our terms and conditions that you agreed to at checkout that all sales are final but that we do offer a resale service -25% also explained in our terms and conditions, to which you never replied. Your mother also emailed us and we advised her the same. We have not had a response stating that you

Kelly Adams | | VERIFIED

Wish to proceed with the resale service. The date of the event is in 2017. You have not been scammed. Kind Regards Ticket Selection

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

Hi Kelly, I'd like to make several points in response: 1. It inspires so much confidence that the first two lines of your reply state the wrong name (hint, it's not Liam), and that you need to outright claim 'you have not been scammed' (which you reiterate a second time, because that does much to alleviate my concerns).

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

That you have to make such a claim twice, after having over 156 complaints, many of which are in the past month alone, again is another point that draws major concern. You have a resolution rate of 1%. Again, that points to the opposite of your claims, and again reinforces the view that your company is shady and has scammed hundreds. The evidence is clear in hundreds of other complaints.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

3. The Coldplay concert in question has sold out, and yet your site still is selling tickets, somehow. This is in spite of there being no evidence of any despatch of tickets for this event on your behalf. Additionally, you expect your customers (those very, very few) to travel ludicrous distances to meet shady contacts, sometimes on the day of an event. Again, that does not in any form of trust.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

4. It appears to me that your company is insisting it can fulfil more orders than actually physically possible. It also appears that the scam you are running hinges upon people purchasing tickets after which you then offer a resell when they lose confidence in your ability to fulfil these orders, with the convenient clause that you keep 25% of the price paid.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

5. You have no evidence of even having these tickets and yet claim back 25% of the price, which is quite obvious to anyone that this is an outright scam.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

6. You have made no contact with me. I have evidence and screenshots for the amount of phonecalls and emails I've left, none of which have been answered. You sent my mother a forwarded email claiming that it was sent to myself, in which you very obviously edited the name of the recipient and time so as to appear as if it was sent on the day of my first attempt to contact you.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

7. You can't call me by the correct name, yet you expect me to trust that you attempted to contact me.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

8. You claim yourselves a London-based organisation, yet you are very obviously based in Spain. Additionally, much of your FAQ is outdated, with much of the law you've stated having been struck down in 2014 and no longer being in effect.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

9. As mentioned, I am in contact with several different organisations, including my bank and the police/Action Fraud, and will soon be in contact with other ombudsmen, including those with more authority in Europe. I will have this ordeal resolved in full, and will take further lengths to ensure this.

Nathan Hanley | | VERIFIED

I have no direct qualms with you, Kelly, however, Ticket Selection as an organisation is disgusting. Your usual customers may fall for your scam, but you're dealing with someone possessing a Masters of Law. I'm not so lightly dropping this issue until it is entirely resolved to my satisfaction. Regards, Nathan
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