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Andrew's complaint against Ticket Selection

Andrew Garnett


Ticket Selection + they're practise. Paul Simon.

Complaint against Ticket Selection

This is more of a direct message to this very questionable company. Ticket selection. A while back my wife in the depths of her Chemotherapy bought 4 tickets off your website on a whim, paying well over the usual price to see one of her all time favourite artists. She thought she'd already purchased 4 tickets previously from a reputable site but, you might not know this, Chemotherapy makes your brain a bit 'muddy' and it turns out she hadn't. Hence why she turned to your company. She's had a very difficult year you see, with the Cancer and everything + no matter what the cost she thought, sod it, I really want to see Mr Simon, you only live once and all that, it might be well over £300 pounds that we can't afford, but sod it. Well. Turns out no tickets have turned up, either via post or in the box office. I para-phrase from the box-office at the Royal Albert Hall 'Sorry to have to tell you this madam but that's not a name of a company we deal with'. I only got a chance to look at the vagaries of your email receipt yesterday before we left. 'Collect tickets from box office OR post' shall we? Which one? Incredibly dodgy. On my wifes side the concern set in a week ago and she sent you guys an email. Unsurprisingly after looking at the plethora of messages below, she didn't get a repsonse. She didn't have a whole bunch of time to continue to chase you up (which she quite obviously shouldn't have had to) as she had trivial things such as her Radiotherapy starting. Suffice to say, anyone reading this, AVOID AVOID AVOID; yes caps are required. How can it be when ringing the phone number available that your suggestion via a recorded message to please email etc etc as you'll get a quicker response is any quicker than an actual person on the end of the line. Again, she did email, and has their been a response? 4 tickets to Paul Simon at the Royal Albert hall last night for the first one with the right answer. So thanks Ticket selection. Thanks for putting the cherry on the top of my wife's s****y year. Thanks for taking our money which we don't really have + thanks for continuing to act in a way that takes peoples money out of their pockets on what is seemingly a daily basis so you can live it up in Spain playing golf or drinking in ex-pat pubs or hopefully once in the next few months lying awake at night thinking what kind of people you are. I expect a token; email us your problem, the tickets were at the box office, we posted your tickets, delete as applicable response below and i'm not going to buy any of them. As the many other people in the other previous comments haven't either. I can't name her here but look it up in the emails you haven't answered, it can't be that hard. Hope you can at least give her her money back. The little glimmer of joy she was looking forward to yesterday, that's gone. Cheers.

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Jack Harris | | VERIFIED

Let us know if you hear anything, we also bought tickets for this evening, comments below suggest that they send someone on the night to meet you with tickets?!
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