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Lisa's complaint against Red Rae

Lisa Hackney


Unbelievably rude

Complaint against Red Rae

I ordered some Barbour slippers and after a week had not received them. As they were for a Christmas present I was anxious to know the status of my order so rang Red |Rae . I was told the man would ' try and look through some boxes to see' , that ' people should get off their settee instead of shopping online' and that ' he would try contacting Barbour but if he couldn't he couldn't. He said he would let me know. He didn't so I rang again. I was told again they were looking into it and he asked if I had' considered ordering from Barbour?' No because I had ordered from you. A final phone call was made two weeks after my order was placed in which I was told he couldn't get me the slippers. He said ' Get over it Lisa, there are people in the world starving and worrying about more than your slippers. Ha! You can't get them anywhere else can you? That's why you are so bothered. ' I explained all I expected was to be kept informed. He said he had hundreds of orders to get out and mine was the least of his worries. I have never , ever experienced such rudeness or inconsideration from a service provider.

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