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S.'s complaint against Digiarty

S. Bee


Absolutely no customer service or tech support - Take your money and run!

Complaint against Digiarty

I must have been in a drunken stupor when I purchased this product. The free DL tester works. The authorized serial number purchased version does not? Their response to my troubles? "please do not worry about it, it just show your computer can not support hardware acceleration." I spent hours testing and trying to work it out finding no solution and contacted them again and this time was told, "I am wondering if you are interested in the free lifetime upgrade and support family-sharing license for just 19 USD?" My response being, "So I am supposed to pay more money to arrive at a solution that may or may not work? That is not customer service but simply an exercise in greed. A good way to lose customers and generate bad word of mouth for the product. Which I notice from light surfing on the Internet has already been building. Nothing like throwing money down a sewer for absolutely nothing beyond time wasted continual aggravation! I will be sure to let others know so they don't make the same mistake." Don't waste your money like I did it can easily become a waste of money.

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Adam Digiarty | | VERIFIED

Hi S. Bee, This is Adam from Digiarty Support Team. Can you please contact me adam @ winxdvd.com with your order number?
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