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Thanakit's complaint against Digiarty

Thanakit Sirikunthanachai


Their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is anything but

Complaint against Digiarty

Their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is there to lure customer. They will run with your money. I purchased their product after a quick search on the net for a video conversion software. I needed to convert an mp4 file to mov for work immediately. I downloaded their trial software but it will only convert 5 minutes. Therefore, I paid for it. To my surprise, I couldn't even add my video file to their software. There are 2 ways to do this, drag the file or use Add button. Both of which never work. I've uninstalled their software and ask for a refund. They wanted a proof. So, I have to re-download and installed their software again and created a screen capture for them to see. When there software wouldn't load my file I went ahead and bought another software, (name omitted), which accepted my file and converted it without incident. I even took screen capture of their software vs (name omitted) to show them that their software wouldn't even work with this file but (name omitted) did. Now they want me to upload my video file to see what's the problem with my video file. How absurd is that? If you take a look at their policy below you will see that what I mean when I said that their money back guarantee is a scam. I would recommend other software company and stay away from this company. I can upload my screen capture for everyone to see what I mean. I don't know where to put them. Let me know if you want it. Digiarty Software, Inc. provides refunds within 30 days of product purchase. We'll hold the 30-day money back guarantee if our products cannot normally work with error or bug and we cannot solve it within an acceptable period of time or provide a temporary solution. Sometimes the software doesn't work well due to improper operations. We strongly suggest you contact our support team for help first with detailed problem description. One business day reply is guaranteed. Please note we do not accept unreasonable or unexplained refund. The following refund requests will be rejected: 1. You request a refund for no particular reason; 2. You request a refund by simply a "It does not work" or "I do not want it" reason and refuse to elaborate; 3. You request a refund for a feature we do not have/support. Digiarty products are sold as "try-before-you-buy" software. We highly recommend you to verify the program's functions and make sure it works well on your computer before your purchase. According to number 2, I did elaborate the problem. I did show them that their software wouldn't even load my file but a software from their competitor did. I am not affiliated with (name omitted) at all. I felt like I was being Robbed, Cheated of my legitimate purchase and lured into their 30 Day Money Back guarantee. It's ridiculous to refuse the refund when I have shown them that their software wouldn't even load the file. Don't buy any of their software. Please tell me where to upload video. It has their software along side with their competitor. It's a screen capture that I sent to Digiarty support showing the problem with their software compare to their competitor. Their software would not load my file no matter what I did. I restarted my laptop, re-installed their software.

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Adam Digiarty | | VERIFIED

Hi, This is Adam from Digiarty Support Team. Can you please contact me adam @ winxdvd.com with your order number?

Thanakit Sirikunthanachai | | VERIFIED

Adam, I've seen your "cut n paste" response to all the complaint. My order number is 80731984 Unless, there are so many complains with Digiarty product that you and Ricky couldn't even recall who you corresponded to. I've sent you guys the video capture showing your software vs another. It clearly show the same video file can't be load into VideoProc while it's loaded fine to another software.

Adam Digiarty | | VERIFIED

Hi Thanakit, Thank you for your information. I located your emails but there is no video capture. I have replied your email again. Besides, I suggest you delete the order number.
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