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Jacquie's complaint against Warren James

Jacquie Moeller



Complaint against Warren James

My husband and I bought our wedding rings from the above store on 13th October for our wedding on 26th October. The rings were taken home, placed in ring boxes and left there until our wedding day on 26th October. Once my husband’s ring was on, he realised that his hands must have been swollen through the heat in the store when we purchased the rings, as his was now too big, so the next day when we got home the ring was placed back into the ring box so that we could return it and exchange it for a smaller size. Fast forward to today, and the service and attitude we received at the Braehead, Glasgow store was intolerable, the girl behind the counter took the ring and immediately said she needed to go and speak to her manager, she came back no longer than two seconds later to say that the ring had scuff marks on it, was showing signs of wear and therefore could not be exchanged!!!! We were absolutely horrified as this ring had only been worn for a maximum of twenty four hours so we can only assume that if it was showing signs of wear or did have scuff marks these were there when we initially purchased the ring We tried to explain this however were brushed aside. I asked for the head office contact details and was then told that only the manager could give that out. To add further injury, the assistant then proceeded to offer to SELL us another ring, this clearly shows no customer care, no empathy and that all they are interested in is money-grabbing!! Dreadful customer service!!!! AND how stupid did she think we are!!! To know beyond doubt that whatever damage (if indeed there really is any) must have quite obviously have been there beforehand did she really think we would even imagine purchasing anything else from there!! We are confident beyond doubt that the ring is either not scuffed/scratched at all, or if it is that this damage was caused prior to purchase and we were sold a sub-standard item. Incidentally, the ring is titanium which is supposed to be scuff and scratch resistant!!! (Item number TITA035) We are, quite frankly appalled by this experience, and can assure you that we will never again purchase anything from Warren James as from this experience we can only assume that customers are being sold sub-standard goods, so that Warren James can avoid having to exchange or refund goods. We find this entire situation has placed a very large question mark over the ethics of Warren James as a company and over the quality of your products, as to allege that something has been damaged by a customer when quite clearly knowing that this is not the case is just unethical, immoral and downright disgusting. We have also now purchased a replacement ring from another jeweller who will hopefully be more ethical and honest with their customers!!!

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