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Herica's complaint against Warren James

Herica Blanco


Engagement ring

Complaint against Warren James

In April 2017 my fiancé and I bought our engagement rings in Warren James. After 6 months my one was not white gold anymore it turned yellow on the bottom. After a very poorly customer service from one of the stores managers, abrupt, loud, sarcastic and rude person I managed to get them to order a new ring at no cost for me. This new ring arrived on 17th January 2018. On 26th February 2018 one of the side stones came off, I went back to the store and the same unpleasant store manager ordered another ring as she does not want me my money back. At this point I don’t want anymore jewelery from this brand and moreover I don’t want to deal with that store manager anymore, just want my money back to look for and buy a new engagement ring somewhere else.

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Herica Blanco | | VERIFIED

Can I please have an answer as soon as possible, it’s been 13 days since I sent my complaint.
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