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Linda's complaint against Warren James

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Wedding ring discolourment an bad attitude of staff

Complaint against Warren James

I purchased my husband's wedding ring from here a white gold band £120.00, an 3 months after we were married it looked like he had it for 3 years. I rang the branch an was told to take it in, which I did an the lady replaced it no questions ask for which I was very great full. Well 3/4 montyhs down the line it looks exactly the same as the first. I returned to the shop an well what a totally different experience that was. I was told I was stupid becausde my husband wore his ring in the shower and at work and in the garden, when I said well yes it's a wedding ring once again I got called stupid for letting him do those things. I went on to purchase a 9 ct yellow gold band £149.00 for my husband odviously I didn't want him going without a ring. The girl then picks up the ring I had taken in an said well that's worth nothing now I'll chuck it in the bin, to which I replied I don't think so, it might not mean much to you but its my husband's wedding ring an secondfly it cost me £120.00 , to wehicvh she just tutted at me an walked away an cascasrried ontgo next customer

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