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Louise's complaint against BodyCare



Staff so rude

Complaint against BodyCare

I Was in body care in the queue behind a couple with a toddler, there toddler began being sick all over Mum and she left store very distressed in a right mess toddler aswell ,poor dad stayed and paid for the goods he apologised as did the lady ,to be then told in a very abrupt manner by the man behind the till make sure you clean that up Mate before you leave font just leave it like that get it cleaned up ,he said you are joking have you seen the state of my wife and little boy out there that's my concern not the mess , the member if staff wasn't interested he just said clean it up,?? poor lad was then lost his patience and started to get anxious I did say to the staff member my self you really didn't just tell him in such a rude manner can you see how distressed he his, and he just didn't care the man with the wife and toddler stared to try clen it up but was so angry he started to swear ,as much as I don't agree with swearing he had every right he was upset ,luckily another member if staff whom was behind the till did no other than calmed the man down told him not to worry he would clean up the sick ,you go and be with your wife and son he thanked the member of staff and asked for the name of the first man whom was rude and didn't care ,the man said his name is Ali with that he left the store to go help his wife and son ,I was disgusted and how such a member of your staff could treat a customer like that so angry and disgusted I think this should be told ,I won't be using that store again , I only hope that the family have complained also please contact me if you need my assistance regarding this matter thankyou

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