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Andrea's complaint against BodyCare

Andrea Higgin


trying to complain about a product and get a refund

Complaint against BodyCare

I purchased 2 hair dyes approx 2 weeks ago as they were being sold very cheap. I use these products all the time. When I came to use on of them last week, I noticed that the colour seemed a different colour to normal in the bottle when I mixed it so I checked the sell by date. Both products were almost 2 years out of date! Needless to say, I didn't use them. I have been into the shop today to complain and to get my money back.I made a special trip intyo town to do this. The young man who dealt with my complaint went to get the manager who was in the back of the shop and apparently with someone from the bank so she would be a few minutes. To cut a long story short, she didn't appear, not for the want of the young man trying! She kept telling him she would only be a few mins, but 20 mins later she still hadn't appeared so I had to leave as my husband was sat in the car waiting for me. I couldn't leave it any longer as my husband had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago and struggles to sit for too long. there are a few issues here. 1.Selling products that are way out of date, shouldn't be allowed. 2. Keeping customers waiting without an apology or any alternative. 3. having no one else in the shop that could have dealt with my complaint in the manager's absence. I now have to go back to the shop on another day, but this isn't convenient for me as I work the tues wed and thurs and can't get into town until next Monday. The young man was lovely. I don't want him to be worrying that I am going to be complaining about him. He did his best. My issue is with the manager. I have no idea who this is. Please could someone get back to me at their earliest convenience regarding this matter. The product is Nice and Easy.Born Red. 8WR. Natural Golden Auburn Blonde The date on the product is 01/2018. Purchased approx 2 weeks ago. Regards Andrea Higgin

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