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Brenda's complaint against CareCo

Brenda Coleman


[LAPSED] Battery failure

Complaint against CareCo

I bought an Easy-Go powered wheel chair from Care-Co last May 17. My husband and I moved to a bungalow because I was no longer able to walk and a bungalow would enable me to continue to run the home and care for us both with the aid of a powered chair. In November the battery began to lose power in spite of having been on charge all night. I rang Care-Co and was told that the batteries were out of guarantee but I could buy new ones for £51 which I did. The new batteries have presented the same problem after 5 months and Care-Co say they can only supply new batteries if they have the present batteries for three days to test them. I asked what I could do for three days without my chair and was told that was a question she could not answer. I demanded that an engineer come out and test the chair which he did and told me to put the chair on charge for 24 hours. This I did at great inconvenience and added pain and reported to Care-Co that it had made no difference. Once again they told me that they needed the batteries for testing!! I have no complaints against the staff but I think Care-Co as a company only care for the disabled when making money but if something goes wrong they don't want to know. I would not recommend Care-Co to any severely disabled person and will not be using them again myself..

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Lapsed. Brenda has not responded in 90 days

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William Harrison | | VERIFIED

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the batteries you purchased in November. We can only test the batteries by connecting them to an MK tester which gives graph readings to show what has caused the batteries to deplete. This is a test that cannot be done onsite as its a computer programme. If you can purchase new ones we will test these and refund these if they are faulty.

William Harrison | | VERIFIED

The three day lead time you have been quoted includes transportation from yourself to our premises in Brentwood. The testing takes 12 hours.
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