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Derek's complaint against Barker and Stonehouse

Derek Hawkins


Terrible Customer Service,Terrible Everything !!

Complaint against Barker and Stonehouse

If you want to be lied to, mislead and deceived then Barker and Stonehouse is the place to go!! 15 months and three sets of sofas later and we have had to compromise to conclude our interaction with the store. Customer service is appalling, don’t return calls, lie and just basically pass the buck. Strauss Leather Sofas 1. Scraped on delivery so they sent out their own “Leather Expert” who stated it was a “Natural Scar” which we knew it wasn’t, so after much persistence they finally admitted it was damaged on delivery and offered a price reduction which we rejected, and opted for a replacement, so a replacement was ordered. Strauss Leather Sofas 2. Arrived but unable to get arm off to bring it in house, so back it went, then a delay over delivery protocols with their own delivery process which resulted in another company delivering it which added 6 weeks to the time. Then when it arrived it had pressure marks from the way it had been wrapped which again the “Leather Expert” was called out to try and rectify, and it was the same “Expert” [who we have since found out is actually a French polisher] but now employed by Home serve, so confidence wasn’t high. He stated they were pressure marks and managed to remove one [which returned a week later] but the ones he couldn’t remove suddenly reverted to “Natural Creases” After persisting for a second opinion on the faults, the assistant manager from the Newcastle store made a home visit and fully agreed the sofa was faulted and would arrange a full refund, but he then later contacted us and informed us his Head office did not agree with his assessment based on the pictures they had received from him and it was yet again a “Natural Leather imperfection” So after many more phone calls and store visits we were basically told go to the Ombudsman or choose yet another sofa. We chose the latter as we were basically fed up with the whole situation and went this time for material sofa. Throughout this whole process everyone within the Newcastle store was very apologetic and is in full agreement that we had been treat appallingly and our treatment had fell well short of what it should have, many promises were made throughout including compensation for our treatment, but I am not holding my breath for that. I had gone to Barker and Stonehouse because of their reputation but maybe I live in the wrong postcode or don’t drive a Range Rover based on an off the cuff comment that was made during one of our store visits. And just a footnote to this, while we looked around the Newcastle store for our replacement sofa, we came across our first damaged sofa for sale described as “Ex Display” You couldn’t make it up!!

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