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Alan's complaint against Barker and Stonehouse

Alan Brown


Worst suite I ever bought

Complaint against Barker and Stonehouse

I bought an Atticus corner sofa from Barker & Stonehouse Teesside in March 2019. Within 3 months the seats started sinking in 3 areas, the sofa creaks when we sit or move on it and it's as comfortable as sitting on a sack of potatoes. If the suite in the store was ANYTHING like the expletive I sit on now, I would have walked out and NEVER returned. I suggest you do just that. Customer services didn't want to know, the Furniture Ombudsman is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. No-one from Barker and Stonehouse has been here to check the comfort of the seating, a technician came and looked at the frame for 2 minutes and said there’s nothing structurally wrong with the suite. that’s not what I’m complaining abut, the suite is awful. We're now stuck with a £2000 piece of expletive which I will have to get an upholsterer to build properly or throw it in the skip, go somewhere else, once they have your cash, they couldn't care less

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