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Rebecca's complaint against The Tape Men

Rebecca Doe


Memory card sent and paid for in January 2016 and still nothing received!

Complaint against The Tape Men

Memory card sent in January. Order chased numerous times by email and recorded delivery letters. Finally a email on 4th March saying they had received the item and then a further email on 8th March saying the company was in difficulties but all remaining orders would be completed within a month.. Nothing heard since. Recorded delivery letters have been returned saying company not there anymore!!! Can anyone help me at all. I've sent numerous SAE for the return of my memory card that has hours of my children on it and so is irreplaceable.

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Richard Ebbage | | VERIFIED

Rebecca have you received your stuff back? My wife and I are putting in a concerted effort to track down Dan Brown and have got quite a bit of information on him but wondered if you might have some additional bits and pieces which may help. Please respond to this and then we can establish a way of us making direct contact Fingers crossed Richard

Rebecca Doe | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Rebecca Doe | | VERIFIED

Some people went to the office and got the caretaker to let them in as all the files and tapes where still there. Obviously that wasn’t recent but if the guy did a bunk then The contents of the premises must be somewhere? Not sure how far from Manchester you are.

Richard Ebbage | | VERIFIED

Thanks Rebecca, you have my number via fb. Would really appreciate a quick discussion if at all possible.
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