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PAUL's complaint against The Tape Men



ordered dvds from tapes provided,paid for & have never been sent

Complaint against The Tape Men

sent tapes to the tape men august 2015,ordered dvds & paid for them at same time.waiting for months & kept emailing & nothing,then an email on 8th march 2016 saying tapes & dvds will be with me no later than 4 weeks time.still nothing on 1-11-16 & cant get hold of them in anyway,so am out of pocket & no tapes to send somewhere else which are unreplaceable,if anyone can help please let me know thanks

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Douglas Elliot | | VERIFIED

"I don't believe it!" Got my tapes and excellent DVD of 4 videos today after 17 months. Got a letter from Carol, a relation of deceased original owner, last weekend. She is working her way through a container of tapes. Sent her the postage against receipt of posting and a miracle happened. I always thought they would turn up. still a miricle!, well done Carol.

Richard Ebbage | | VERIFIED

Douglas just seen your post and so pleased for you. If you have some contact details for Carol I would be eternally grateful. We submitted 34 camcorder tapes in December 2015 with full payment . We are desperate to have the tapes back or at least have news that they are safe and being worked on. My grateful thanks in anticipation and hope that you see this post


Douglas just seen your post and pleased for you.if you have some contact details of carol would be much appreciated cheers as have been waiting since august 2015.

Richard Ebbage | | VERIFIED

Paul have you received your stuff back? My wife and I are putting in a concerted effort to track down Dan Brown and have got quite a bit of information on him but wondered if you might have some additional bits and pieces which may help. Please respond to this and then we can establish a way of us making direct contact Fingers crossed Richard


User Responded via private message


Hi if anyone can help me get tapes back please email me on [email protected] cheers


Hi Richard please reply sorry only just got this as account playing up cheers

Ronald Kent | | VERIFIED

Douglas, Richard or Paul, I had given up hopes of getting our tapes back -- also sent and paid for in 2015 irreplaceable as of the children when small. and have just seen your messages form 2017 and 2018. do you have the details for Carol please so we can contact her to inquire if she may have our tapes to return. please advise on [email protected] tks. Ronald


I still haven't got anywhere with mine if anyone can help?
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