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jackie's complaint against epubli

jackie bailey


wrong book send written in german

Complaint against epubli

I am fuming, I ordered a book called the truth is out there by peter scherenberg in English, they charged me £15 and another £3 in postage, when the book arrived it was not only the wrong book but also a different author and written in German, I emailed them and have now been informed that I need to send photos of the book to make a claim, I do not have access to a camera or printer and have informed them that as this book is of no use to me I will be sending it back to them, they have informed me that I shouldn't do this as this was a specially made up book, they gave me the email address of the publisher which comes up as non existent wen I try to email them, so as a result I am £18 out of pocket for a book I can't read, this company are appalling they make a mistake for which ,you, the customer pays dearly for, very poor customer service, why on earth would you send a book in German print to an anguish speaking customer, I am unemployed and for me, this has been an expensive mistake, never again

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