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Anne's complaint against Sterling Furniture

Anne Wilson


Faultly leather suite

Complaint against Sterling Furniture

We purchased a leather suite from Sterling in Tillicoulry in December 2015. In February we noticed that one side of the 3 setter sofa was sagging at the top back. We contacted them and were visited by an independent company which agreed that it had a fault. Sterling then arranged for it to be uplifted for repair in March 2016. It was away for a week, and when it returned it looked fine for a couple of days. We then noticed that it had started sagging again in the same place.We called Sterling again and they again sent the independent company out to look at it. They agreed that it was still faulty and told us what the solution was and that hey could get it repaired as long as Sterling authorised it. He reported back to Sterling who them wanted to send one of their own staff out to examine the suite. He advised us to fluff it up which I said I had already tried but it just sags again after a few hours. We then got a call from customer services asking if we could come in to the store to discuss this with the Sales manager. We travelled to Tillicoulry on Saturday morning and discussed and showed pictures of the suit with him. He advised us that customer services is not open at the weekend but he would get someone to call on Monday. I got a call this morning from the Sales manager advising us that we would need to come back into the store during the week so that the service manager could demonstrate how to plump it up correctly. As it is a 43 mile round trip this is not practical just to be shown exactly what he showed us before. I also told him that as we work during the week is not possible to get there. He replied "Do you not have any annual leave" which I thought was a bit cheeky. I do not see why we need to go in again just to be told the same old thing especially when the independent company clearly stated to us and them that there defiantly was a fault which could be rectified with a visit to our home. I hope that you respond back to me with some advise as what to do next.

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