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Ros's complaint against Create and Craft

Ros Reynolds


Refusing to accept payment then charging extra for non payment

Complaint against Create and Craft

I contacted Create and Craft via email to explain my account was hacked therefore my cards were all on hold, so I would like to pay my flex i pay monthly payments via bank transfer, Paypal, or cheque adn to please give me details how I do this. I was then contacted by them to say I had missed my felxi payment and was charged and extra £16 on top. I emailed back and explained again and they said I could phone customers services a premium rate line at 13p per minute and pay by CARD! I explained again this was not possible. a second email came stating I had missed a second payment and was again being charge £16 On tp! AGAIN or the second time I explained and said I need a bank details, or some way to transfer the payment or send a cheque to the company. The third and final payment obviously did not go through and now I am blocked on Create and craft website. I cannot update my details, furthermore the entire account has now been sent to a debt collection agency who have added an extra charge bringing my bill from £48 to a massive £118 I would like to simply pay my monthly fee, and all extra fees and charges be removed.

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