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Russ's complaint against John Pye Auctions

Russ Carter


Buyer Beware

Complaint against John Pye Auctions

Buyer beware. If you are going to look to buy an inanimate object, and are fully able to view it..... all well and good, you might get a bargain!!! BUT, if you’re interested in electrical goods, or items that need to function correctly — such as computers or similar, BUYER BEWARE!! I “won” a projector. To the naked eye, it was a good buy, turned on and “projected”. But when we got it home, it would not connect to a computer, or any device for which a projector would be useful. In summary, for £46.00 it was a VERY expensive torch!!! Almost as useless as a chocolate teapot!!! After many attempts to try and get these people to accept it was not fit for purpose, I gave up. Facebook almost came to the rescue, where in public they offered to look again at my grievance. After a few days more, the claim was again refused with the following statement and advice given to me: “all Lots are sold ‘as they lie’ with all faults and imperfections and errors of description other than those relating to the Main Characteristics. The Main Characteristics do not extend to details of the Good (for example the memory capacity of a laptop, the state of functionality of the Good or the condition of the Good). The absence to any reference to the condition of a Lot does not imply that the Lot is free from faults, imperfections and restorations. Illustrations in catalogues, digital displays or brochures are for identification only. JOHN PYE & SONS will not be held responsible for any damage or defect that has not been notified to the Buyer.” Further... “For future reference, please see below link to the Citizens Advice Bureaux in relation to buying second hand goods at auction” Link to citizens advice bureau (removed as trustpilot don’t permit links) This text ( except for the missing link) is Directly from the auction houses response to me directly. I can only say, they need lessons in customer service. Buyer beware!!!!!!

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john langley | | VERIFIED

yes ! you really are taking a big gamble and unfortunately the general public are there to be ripped off. this is RIP OFF BRITAIN you know !
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