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Dangerous electrical goods

Complaint against John Pye Auctions

I really wish I had read reviews of this company before parting with any money! My microwave I successfully bidded on was dangerous, Luckily I have an rcd fusebox which cut the plug socket straight away. Microwave was filthy and had sparks coming from the inside. It was only worthy of the scrap heap. The descriptions doesn't go into enough detail of the products they are auctioning off. I don't understand how they can get away with selling electrical goods which are quite clearly not fit for use.

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Invoice number is 100266 / EDIN505_SR24_CNC.Treated poorly from the start., I bought and paid 117.12 pounds for an Electric cooker Ceramic Hob, transportation does not make anything clear, when I claim the order, they answered I have to go 220 miles to pick it up, I said I will pay for the transport so that I can send it or cancel the purchase, they answered they can not do it and they cannot canc
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