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usama's complaint against John Pye Auctions

usama mohamed


I bought a linx tablet. It was described as 64gb and 4 gigabyte ram but it was 2gb ram 32gb

Complaint against John Pye Auctions

I bought a linx 10 tablet from John Pye auction southwales. On the advert description it was 64gb and 4giga rams but when i paid i recieved the tablet found that it's actually 32gb and 2giga rams which worth nothing as it's very old tablet. They intentionally decieved me by changing the description and they know that i can't check it at the auction room as i need to charge it first before knowing what it is

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john langley | | VERIFIED

misdescribed goods offered for sale ! you need to contact the ASA advertising standards authority ! ive used this organisation and they will look at your case
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