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David's complaint against John Pye Auctions

David Eddy


Where’s trading standards?

Complaint against John Pye Auctions

I have never seen so many disappointed faces leaving one building following a visit to JOHN PYE auctions in Port Talbot. Yes you may find 1or2 bargains, the majority of the items are returns, and either do not work, or are badly damaged!! In my case I purchased a compressor that looked brand new and still boxed, it turned out that if I had attempted to start this item up, it most definitely had the potential to cause risk or serious harm to the individual using it!! Also this company will tell you that their RRPs are professionally sourced which is rubbish as a radiator identical to the one they were selling I found on the web for £250, they say the RRP was £850!! Avoid this company as they WILL most definitely sting you, trust me!!

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john langley | | VERIFIED

totally agree ! ive done enough research on 100s of items that john pye has with false RRP and if you simply check any item on all the usual selling platforms it will instantly become obvious that you will lose money. john pye obviously think they are clever and the general public are stupid. i wouldnt mind betting that a majority of their bids are false and that they run the bids up themselves

Paul Riley | | VERIFIED

RRP is not the actual price of goods most things can be found on the web much lower than the RRP. I have purchased lots from them but know the risk. I have got lots of things that have nothing wrong with them for buttons, I have sold some thongs on and have had broken items and have been able to fix almost all of them. I wont bid for any electrical item I am unable to fix.
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