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Alex's complaint against Sofology

Alex Laskowski


Avoid at all costs

Complaint against Sofology

I'd like to make people aware of the flippant attitude and lack of customer services Sofology have shown us. This company have shown a total disregard for our satisfaction with little to no remorse for the damage and distress they have caused us. Not only did they tell us that our delivery would arrive within 7 weeks initially, we had to wait 9 weeks and were told that we had been simply misinformed with no apology. None the less, we remained optimistic and looked forward to our brand new sofa. When it finally arrived, two of what can only be described as the most incompetant individuals known to man carried our delivery into the living room. As they scraped the sofa along the walls and caused permanent marks, we tried to remain positive. As they placed it on our brand new (and expensive) wooden floor, I politely explained to the delivery guys that this was a brand new floor and I needed them to be as careful as possible. We even provided them with pieces of felt to place underneath the sofa legs. I was quickly shushed and told that this was all in hand. The "experts," then quickly flipped the sofa onto it's bottom, causing two large scuffs in the floor. I've attached images of the damage below. One mark in particular is so deep, it's as if someone has gauged it out with a knife. When the delivery guys left, I found another scuff about 8 inches long where they had dragged it in. When sofology were contacted about this and sent photos, the best response they could give was to offer to pay for delivery, £43.50, or we could get a quote to repair the damage. Bearing in mind the materials for the floor alone were over one grand and it's impossible to replace one plank of wood without taking the entire floor up, we were shocked. When we replied, explaining how much effort would need to be made to replace the floor and how upset we were about this, Sofology replied stating that they were unwilling to improve on their offer. Seeing as we have furnished the room since laying the floor, the amount of effort and disruption it would take to re-lay it is completely unrealistic. I'm totally disheartened by this experience. This is our first home and we were so happy with our new flooring but everything has been cast a shadow over by this incident. I would strongly advise people to give Sofology a strong miss as I won't have anything to do with them again.

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