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Sally's complaint against Sofology

Sally Morley


Non delivery of promised goods

Complaint against Sofology

I ordered and paid for my sofa in mid April. The first week of June I was told it had been delivered to Sofology and would be delivered to me on June 12th. I had 3 phone calls about this, all confirming the same date, and it was also emailed to me. I was told during these phone calls that it was up to me to get rid of my old sofa to create space for the new one. On the morning of June 12th I took my old sofa to the tip. My delivery slot was 1230 to 1630. At 1630 I phoned Sofology to ask where my sofa was. At this point I was told that it had been delivered to them in the wrong colour and so there never had been a delivery for me, as it was not what I had ordered. I should have been told this right at the point of the sofa being delivered to them, but the message was never passed on. This now left myself and my elderly mother who was visiting for the week with nothing to sit on except laminate flooring. This is obviously completely unacceptable. I was offered 'loan furniture' as an interim measure, but told that it could not be delivered until Friday at the absolute earliest. Again, completely unacceptable. What was my mother supposed to sit on for the rest of the week? Luckily a friend of mine was about to take her old sofa to a charity store and so brought it round to me instead so we had something to sit on. The sofa has been reordered, but I'm afraid I have lost all faith in Sofology's ability to do their job right and when they give me my new delivery date I won't believe it until the sofa is sitting in my living room. I will also incur extra costs as I will have to have the borrowed sofa uplifted by the charity store as it is too big for me to take. They will charge for this service. I would like to be compensated by Sofology for the stress this complete mess has caused me, and for the money I will have to pay the charity to remove the borrowed furniture.

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