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Gilly's complaint against Sofology

Gilly Lelliott


Poor quality sofa and lied to

Complaint against Sofology

I purchased the Linara 4 seater sofa from Sofology and after 3 months of light use we had to complain as the seats had sunk and the sofa looked terrible. When I contacted Sofology I was told not to worry at all as this is normal, and that as it’s leather the material stretches so just tuck it in down the back of the sofa! I wrote back immediately and said that this is an unacceptable response and I shouldn’t have to pay that amount of money to tuck my sofa in at night. They wrote back and said a technician can attend to see if there is anything wrong with the sofa. The technician walked in and immediately said I take it you have an issue with the seats as they look awful. Sofology contacted me after this visit and said that they will be replacing the filling of the seats and the leather covering as they have had an issue with all the Linara sofas provided by their supplier and will be doing this under warranty and that their other customers have been happy with this change over the past few months. I then asked Sofology why they lied to me and tried to get me to go away when they knew there was a product issue with this sofa. I have written to Sofology 4 times now and they are not responding. Funny how once they’ve been found out, they go silent! Why was there not a product recall? Why did they tell me the issue was normal and not to worry? My trust has completely gone with this company and I’d warn others to think twice about using them. £1,700 for a saggy sofa! Not acceptable!

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Ron Gutteridge | | VERIFIED

Very similar complaint, paid over £4K for a suite and the seating just sank. Complained but only got a rude response and they do not intend to help. I’ve taken this to the ombudsman so awaiting a reply. Avoid this company like the plague, be warned.
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