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Z's complaint against Depop



Depop staff are HORRENDOUS

Complaint against Depop

My account was suspended on the app without warning under false allegations that my account was linked to another one that had been suspended - complete & utter lies as I'd only ever had the one account I set up in 2014 when the app first launched. I contacted the "support" team to inform them they had clearly made an error, only to receive contracting reasons as to why my account was suspended & why they would not reinstate it. The customer "support" correspondant at depop was unhelpful, rude & stopped replying when I asked to speak to a supervisor or the complaints department. I also asked for evidence to prove their false allegations & still nothing. It seems to me they want to purge depop of all the original users who aren't signed into their wallet paying system (as they take 25% of all sales this way), whereas I was on the original payment system that paid direct to PayPal & depop only took 10% of all sales. I had almost 100 5 star reviews & was an honest & genuine seller but clearly that counts for nothing at depop as they allow thousands of fake accounts to con people out of their money by selling fake goods. The staff are abhorrent & only care about their "pal" depopers who they promote every day of the week on the "popular page" (who by the way constantly break their "rules" but the depop staff seem to overlook their buddies "mistakes"). The "peasant" depopers like me meanwhile don't have a say & are suspended just like that & then to make it worse, no help from the useless staff. Too busy worrying about getting marks on their Supreme tees & TN's I guess.

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