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Damien's complaint against Depop

Damien Anderson


Unwarranted ban and inapproprite comments

Complaint against Depop

I have just been banned from depop and so has my partner. I reported a fake item on depop...horrendous piece and commented on the listing to say it wasnt genuine. I then recieved a torrent if abuse to my inbox from the seller with derogatory and homopbobic comments. I even recieved threats to my safety. I did swear back at him today but this has gone on for 24hours. I have contacted depop as when i seen i was suspended i didnt know why. They told me they had emailed me and stated a email address (not mine but my partners) so they have emailed personal data to another user not linked with my profile. My paypal is linked to bith depops but the email addresses are not, they are diffrent. They have since sent me a quote of what insaid, and while it contains some profanity, it doesnt breach policy. They have told me both me and my partner have been removed for homophobic comments, however no such comments were made by me, i did recieve homophobic and derogatory comments. This, in my eyes is slander. I may have lost my cool but i did not warrant me and someone unlinked to this incodent to be removed for life and any future profiles removed. I give full permission for you to review comments and the transcript of what had been said. Depop have not gave me a straight answer, have accused me of homophobic comments (wrongly and in writting), have contacted other users with my details and have removed not just my account but my partners aswel without justification

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