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Anastasia's complaint against

Anastasia Antonova


Bed not delivered on time

Complaint against

I’ve placed an order on 26th October 2018 for a ChelseaGrey Fabric Divan Set with Headboard and Comfort Spring Memory Foam Mattress. (See email receipt below) It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday 31st October which I had to reschedule to Saturday. I had to reschedule Saturday delivery for today 5th November again due to delivery timing. The bed was supposed to arrive today between 9am and 3pm. I have received an email confirmation yesterday morning. This morning I called delivery (option 3) customer service at 9am to ask them to leave a note with a driver to call my mobile once he gets there as the door bell doesn’t work only to find out it’s not going to be delivered today at all. The lady was very abrupt on the phone and said they just couriers and not responsible for anything. She also said the bed base was damaged and didn’t pass quality test yesterday and had to be re-delivered. She claimed they sent me an email yesterday and left a voicemail which I haven’t received otherwise I would have called straight back. I called back again to speak to customer services and the guy told me it was manufacturers errors which again should have been spotted last Tuesday when the bed originally should have been delivered on Wednesday. He offered £10 refund which is a slap on a face and best he could do is to arrange for the bed to be delivered this Wednesday. I’ve asked to speak to a manager but noone was available. I’ve called twice already (9.26am and 12.28pm) and asked to speak to a manager and was told twice Adam will call me back and he still hasn’t called me. I’m 33 weeks pregnant (8 months) and now have to sleep on an inflatable mattress for 2 more nights because the bed isn’t going to be delivered today which is totally unacceptable. I can’t sleep well and my back is in pain. The level of service I’ve received so far is very appalling to say the least and clearly complaints are not taken seriously. This safety check should have been done last Tuesday to start with and again Friday so clearly the bed was fit to be delivered last week as noone informed me of any damages / manufacturer’s errors on the phone or via email as I called twice to re-arrange delivery. It’s clear that the bed was damaged yesterday or wasn’t check properly on thier end which has nothing to do with me.

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