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Christina's complaint against

Christina Mirylees


delivery didn't bother to ring door bell

Complaint against

The delivery people waited 10 minutes - so they say - but my brother has brain damage and does not answer his internal phone, however he is in sheltered housing where there are staff on site all the time. If he didn't answer they have a system where the call goes through to the staff . The staff told me that in any case the delivery men could have pressed the "call' button which is in large letters on the door to the home and also a 'Trade' button and they would have been answered quicker than 10 minutes. My brother slept on the floor that night as they had got rid of the bed and now has a whole week to wait , sleeping on a mattress on the floor. He doesn't understand why. The laziness and ignorant attitude of the delivery people is disgraceful. The woman I spoke to in the delivery department was unhelpful, uncaring and did nothing to help. She quoted chapter and verse at me and made no attempt to help. I live over an hour away and work sometimes until 9 at night and cannot access my phone so I can't be on these people's back. Appalling ignorant, unkind attitude.

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