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Melissa's complaint against

Melissa Maddick


Disgraceful after sales

Complaint against

I bought a bed from this company, the divan did not join and the linking bar did not fit on one side, I sent photos which clearly showed this, when I called I was advised that the bed did not come with linking bars which is completely obsurd because it did, this evidenced complete lack of knowledge of the product. The man was rude and disrespectful. He then sent me 4 castors, despite me telling him I had all 8, he said the bed came with 12 which it clearly did not, I lifted the bed and there were 8 silver holes for the castors again evidencing complete lack of knowledge of the bed. He sent them to me anyway. I emailed and had no response, prior to this contacting this company is outrageous, the phone keeps cutting off. Very disappointed with the bed and the service.

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