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Jennifer's complaint against

Jennifer Kelly


Horrendous experience! Avoid this company

Complaint against

Horrendous experience with this company. 25/10/17 - Family member sent me link to website as they had noticed a sale on and an offer of free delivery, ordered a bed, received an email confirmation with my address and again statement of free delivery, chose a delivery slot and booked the day off work to receive delivery 26/10/17- money taken from my account within less than 24hrs 30/10/17 - day before delivery due, received an email stating that due to my location I would need to pay a further £39.00 for the bed to be delivered. Exchanged various emails with this person and eventually asked to speak to manager. The email conversation was quite cheeky and filled with spelling errors and lack of capital letters or proper sentences. Never heard anything from manager 2/11/17 - Emailed again requesting a manager to get in touch, was told they had tried to call once on 30th at a specific time and no one answered- this is not true as no one has tried to phone. Phoned the company, first person I spoke to was ridiculously rude. Refused to let me finish my sentences or actually listen to what I was saying, wouldn't tell me her name, refused to let me speak to a manager. Claimed to be a supervisor but very hard to believe as her customer service skills were non existent. Very childish responses and rude answers. Phoned again and spoke to a more helpful member of staff called Amy who was also a supervisor, she has promised to get a manager to call back so I am currently waiting.... Upshot is I have had to cancel my order as I refuse to pay an additional £39.00 when the advert stated free delivery all the way through and only if you click into various tabs and read small print does it mention some areas may be chargeable ( which you obviously aren't going to do if this area is not pointed out to you at any point during the transaction process). I now have to wait 3-5 working days to get my money back when they were able to take it off me in less than 24hrs!!! Unreal. VERY VERY disappointed and will be putting in a formal complaint to a manager (if i ever get to speak to one) and their local trading standards.

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