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Lisa's complaint against

Lisa Pearson


No mattress and appalling service

Complaint against

Ordered a double mattress and chose a delivery date of 21st April. Received e-mail confirming delivery between 4pm-9pm. No mattress received. Called delivery company on 25th four times to be told different accounts, but basically had not got the mattress to them in time for delivery on the 21st. They now had the mattress and would deliver it on the 24th and I would get an e-mail to confirm this on the 23rd. No e-mail. Rang delivery company on the 24th to be told they don't have the mattress and I need to contact direct. Rang and on hold for 18mins. Told by staff that courier would be delivering the bed that day. Then got an e-mail to say there was a delay and mattress would be delivered on Wed 26th April. Rang staff on 25th April to confirm delivery of the mattress definitely on the 26th April and to ask for a time. Advised that route would be worked out by late turn staff at 6pm and I would get a text confirming delivery time. It is now 10pm and no text. I shall be contacting them at 9am on the 26th April to check if mattress is being delivered, but I fully expect another story and a delay. I want a full refund if this is the case, at no extra cost to me, as the service has been appalling. Not once has contacted me to keep me updated and I have been lied to the whole time. The worst company I have ever dealt with and they should not be allowed to continue in business.

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