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1) Waited in all day on my Saturday morning for the scheduled delivery, then at noon I got an email saying it's been cancelled for technical reasons, 2) It was delivered the next Saturday, and when assembling it's immediately apparent that this is very low quality even for the £250 I paid in my opinion, so already feeling like Ive been had. 3) Very Poor markings to no markings at all (No instructions) on where the Bolts go for the head board, have to run your fingers over the Divan base fabric feeling for a grove underneath where you will then pierce the fabric to attach the head board. Same goes for 2 underneath claw clamps which are used to hold the 2 split Divan bases together, you have to really force these in and pierce the fabric base covering,'s messy 4) The Divan bases and head board & the fabric covering it just smells like a sawmill. 5) The Headboard struts aren't long enough to raise the headboard high enough for the mattress to slide 2 inches underneath it, instead you are left with a mattress that overlaps at the end of the bed by 2 inches because the cushioning in the headboard pushes it down so. 6) The bed looks nothing like the photos, nor the mattress. The photos shows a twice the size headboard than the one they sent me, the mattress looks good on the photos, but a really cheapo looking one you get which was also Cream with grey edges instead of the pics which show a completely grey and different textured mattress. 7) My order was for a pocket sprung memory foam mattress,..there definitely isn't anything 'memory foamy' about this mattress they sent. 8) My bedroom smells like a workshop saw mill now. **I contacted by email initially ,..was told to pull the divan bed bases slightly apart in order to accommodate the overlaping mattress because of the headboard pushing it down and not being high enough (and yes they told me thats normal positioning for the headboard. **Wow talk about a stage show being run here !!!! ***they eventually advise a replacement headboard would be sent out, whilst none of my other concerns are attended to. --I reply saying I actually dont want the bed, ..and I chase them for the next 10 days via email to respond to this and I hear nothing (I want to stick to email because there is natural tracking then, ..but eventually I call them today). **The rep answers the phone and tells me the guy who deals with the email has been off ill with major family problems ? (I really didnt need to know that much detail, .... #FakeNews) He advised he will send out a new headboard with higher struts to accommodate the mattress. (But the bed base only has 2 single points to attach the struts onto, so raising the high will cause more flex and I can tell you now the quality isnt up to the job to support this). .... #HashJob #MakeItUpAsYougo #Scary Lastly, I now know where my throat and sinus infection keeps coming from which started two weeks ago, .. hmm ..Co-incidence perhaps,.. but strange how this bed giving off stronge chemical workshop sawdust particle odours arrived in my bedroom then the next day my health issues began - that's my opinion.. ... and now since dissembling it and putting everything back into the plastic wrapping it came in, .. Hmm #NoMoreThroatOrSinusIssues ...and that's my story. It's hard to track a health issue to a new pice of furniture, ..but I'd be interested to know if anyone reading this then remembers they happened to also become ill when their bed arrived ?? .. Peace out folks, ... lesson learnt, .you get what you pay for (Or in this case , I feel I got alot less and conned in my OPINION). ..Im not dealing with them again,. and now Im pursuing my refund via my Paypal guarantee service which i used for the purchase.

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