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please beware with this company!! don't waste your money

Complaint against

As I expected this happened!!! there are many people already in the same situation. please beware before you buy anything from this seller!!! I will give you what what just happen to me. I bought a foam mattress from this seller 2 weeks ago now. I searched a memory foam mattress through many site to find good quality and price and Finally found this site. it was really good. memory foam mattress combination visco and reflex for £65. actually unbelievable price!!!! if their description right, it cannot be £65. I only trust this price because they described the original price was £265 and most importantly clearly saying secure "paypal payment" (I'm also disappointed with paypal this time - another tip, paypal does not really protect you at all) anyway when I got the mattress, it wasn't what I ordered at all. they just sent me a chunk of sponge without any label (I think I could be really really cheap stuff!! - please let me know is that legal that selling stuff doesn't even have any tag showing where it made from) it supposed to be having 2 different materials most importantly memory foam part!! but just big chunk of sponge. If you buy it from amazon or Ebay, you can buy this £50 non-sale price with tag showing at least where it is came from and free delivery. how is it originally over £200?? I smell something fish with this company. (most Importantly I would never buy it!! I wanted memory foam!!!) I contacted with phone >> no answer for half an hour few times. contact by website not really answer at all, finally direct Email >> not properly answer they asked me "sending them a picture and delivery address" twice!! then ignoring every thing just saying it is the one I should have. since I send them 3 reason why it is not correct one, they didn't answer me back. (but Funny thing is they looking at this review and reported!! lol) 1. Memory foam made out of polyurethane but it is not, it is polypropylene.( if it is possible, then this company should have some prize for inventing new material) 2. combine meaning not one chunk of sponge, should have 2 layers of material. the same name on the internet show different thing and also they even have a picture on the website have different layer!!! just same answer over over. so I asked to paypal. I thought final protection or something. but when it goes to paypal even worse!! because paypal did not even care about your situation. the most easy option giving you a full refund. oh! good~ nono!! you have to pay the return cost which is almost same as what you payed. (in my case 50 pound) I'm pretty sure that many people in my situation won't return it cause of that. (if you return it you spend 50 pound for nothing) what a brilliant idea!! this is possible way how they selling this things away I can see many of them suffering like me with this company. please beware before you pay for this company. I will do my best spreading this fact to let people know what they trying to do. at least I don't want to see this kind of company running with no problem. I think they should have some difficulty, otherwise many really good private sellers see the damages cause of this

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