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Denis Stepan


Scammed! Pictures in the post.

Complaint against

Ordered a £100 pounds mattress as I was short on money at the time of the order and needed a mattress delivered ASAP. The mattress online looked brilliant for the price they charged and it said it contained both springs and and foam. Now I understand that the description says that 'colour and stitching might differ' and I would've been okay with the mattress being of a different color and/or having different markings on top of it, but this is certainly NOT what I've ordered. It's a springs-only mattress, thinner than the one ordered and of an entirely different build. I've tried to ask for a refund, but they've said that I've got the right product and it just has different colors and stitching. Apparently they use the 'different colours and stitching' to basically say 'it's the same model' excuse whenever they deliver something else. James, the agent to whom I spoke about the issue, said that he apologizes and one of the offers he made me is a £10 refund and 10% discount for a future order, which means he agreed with me that it was a missell and/or they've delivered the wrong item. When I've asked for a full refund in exchange for the mattress, he started saying that I've got the correct mattress and therefore will charge me £50 for the transport of the product, which is half of it's price! It's been (yes, I've double checked) almost 30 hours since I've told James that I feel scammed for not being able to get my money back for a product I didn't order and he is still yet to reply to me. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS! This is what I've ordered from their website: And this is what I've got. Scroll down to see all 4 pictures. So now I'm stuck with this mattress that I do not want and it's certainly NOT what I've asked for.

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