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A's complaint against Rizla

A Townsend


Rizla Liquorice Papers

Complaint against Rizla

I see from previous complaints that people are having problems with current Rizla Liquorice Papers. These papers have changed and are now very low quality. I have been hand rolling cigarettes for 30+ years, so am something of an expert :-) I find the new Rizla Liquorice Papers are shiny, slippery and too glossy - like rolling a cigarette with a glossy magazine page. This makes them very difficult to hand roll. I have complained to Rizla directly about this and they say they have changed their paper supplier - presumably to cut costs. There is no indication that Rizla have paid any serious attention to my complaint, or intend to rectify the issue. They don't seem to care. It's all about cost now, not brand reputation or product quality. BTW, Swan have done exactly the same with their recent Liquorice papers. I don't know if Swan papers are made in the same factory. It seems likely. I have moved on to Zig-Zag papers for now (until they change).

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