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Katherine's complaint against JustMyLook

Katherine Tiptaft


Manager undersight

Complaint against JustMyLook

The company made a mistake by sending the product to an incorrect address. Instead of correcting the problem by phoning royalmail and realizing their error, they are keeping me waiting within a 30 day investigation period. During this period they have repeatedly reassured me that they sent it to the correct address. Royalmail on the other hand has contrasted this and informed me of the error Justmylook have made. The worrying thing about this situation is the lack of managerial support and undersight with how the company manages mistakes. If you are unfortunate to be at the consequence of their error, observe how the management handles it. If they are doing nothing about it, while reassuring you that its not their error, don't do nothing: write a review and let others know. Hopefully with enough evidence of bad practice, a further more formal investigation can take place

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