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Liz's complaint against Flavel

Liz Ratcliffe


Faulty washing machine

Complaint against Flavel

I purchased my machine June / jul 18 and have since had to call flavel out due to a leak on the machine which also has caused water damage to my wooden floor end January 19. They fixed the leak on the machine but then a few months later March 19 the machine stopped working. Flavel sent an engineer out who said the water damage had eroded the back of the machine on several areas and had caused so much rust that it would take several parts to repair. He then explained that I could have problems in the future due to the damage/rust and we agreed I should request a new machine he said he would write this in his report. Flavel then insisted the machine be repaired and sent the same engineer out. He came out ( now 3 weeks without a machine) and repaired my machine. My concern is that i am going to have problems in the future when outside my 1 year warranty due to the leak happening within my warranty. I would also like to raise a complaint about the water damage to my wooden floor which has made the floor bow.

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