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Daniel's complaint against Morrisons

Daniel White


[RESOLVED] - Insect in Mouthwash

Complaint against Morrisons

I brought some Morrisons cool mint own brand mouthwash, got it home and went to use it... Before I broke the seal I noticed a dead insect floating around inside... I am horrified and disgusted.. If I hadn't of noticed I would of had that in my mouth!!!! Who knows what germs and bacteria could be in there!!!

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Morrisons resolved this complaint

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Daniel White | | VERIFIED

Not sure if I already sent this but my name is Daniel White, address 2 holly walk, Witham, Essex, cm8 2pn. Email [email protected] Mobile 07456066024.. Let me know if need anything else... I still have the mouthwash and I am horrified that such an item can be sold with a dead insect in it.. Interested as to what you can do with this matter

Daniel White | | VERIFIED

Hi just wondered if anything is happening? I was going to take the item back to the store but wanted to keep hold of it til heard more off you!! Any information would be appreciated many thanks

Tanny Bansal | | VERIFIED

Good afternoon Daniel Thank you for getting in touch. Could you please private message me your full contact details so I can look into this for you. Kind regards Tanny Bansal Customer Service Team

Daniel White | | VERIFIED

Hi, what information do you need? My name is Daniel White, 2 Holly Walk, Witham, Essex Cm8 2pn. Mobile 07456066024 email [email protected] Of there is any other information you require please contact me on any of the above... I still have the mouthwash with the insect in... I am really horrified that this could happen... Interested to see what you can do

Daniel White | | VERIFIED

I'm going to take it back to store in next few days if I don't hear anything... But disappointed by lack of response 😞

Tanny Bansal | | VERIFIED

Good afternoon David I'm sorry no one has been in touch. I will be emailing you our freepost address shortly so we can obtain the insect and the packaging to investigate further. Please keep an eye on your emails. Kind regards Tanny Bansal Customer Service Team

Daniel White | | VERIFIED

Hi Tanny, I am not exactly filled with confidence... Firstly my name is not David.... It is Dan or Daniel as you can clearly see!!! Secondly it has taken nearly a week to say that you want me to send the item to you without any explanation and at my expense!!! To be honest I don't hold out much hope of anything being done... Can you blame me 😞

Daniel White | | VERIFIED

I received a written apology from both morrisons and the suppliers of the mouthwash to morrisons, along with some vouchers as way of an apology... Although I still think it is awful and dangerous that a product that goes into your mouth can be put on the shelf with an insect of some kind inside it. I am satisfied that it has been taken seriously and that in future tighter quality control will be made by morrisons.
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