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Charlene's complaint against Morrisons



[RESPONDED] Money making scheme

Complaint against Morrisons

I purchased some ready made baby milk in cartons for my child. I entered morrisons at 3.30pm. As it was a sunday i was rushing to buy the milk before the shop closed at 4pm. I left morrisons at closing time to realise that i picked up the wrong milk by mistake as i was rushing. I couldnt return it straight away as the shop closed early. I waited until monday & asked if i could exchange the milk for the correct item. I was told that baby products are non returnable. I asked them where does it state that baby products are non returnable? The answer i was given was at the customer service desk. I asked them why does it not state that baby products are non returnable on the shelf where the baby items are as they have a notice stating that you can only buy a certain amount of baby foods. I was then told as long as we have a notice basically it doesnt matter where it is. I asked the adviser if he goes to the shop & asks for a list from the customer service desk of items that are non returnable before he buys his goods, he could not answer. I feel that it is a money making scheme as i have lost out on money as my child cannot drink that milk & also because there are many other parents that do not know about this policy. As long as morrisons get their sales they dont care about their customers or they would have the notice where it is noticeable rather than it being at the customer service desk. I will be shopping elsewhere from now on as i feel that it is wrong!

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Tanny Bansal | | VERIFIED

Good afternoon Charlene I'm sorry to hear of the experience you have had recently. Please can you private message me with your full contact details so I can look into this for you. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Tanny Bansal Customer Service Team

Charlene | | VERIFIED

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Charlene | | VERIFIED

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