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stacey's complaint against Morrisons

stacey evans


[RESPONDED] Worse than useless

Complaint against Morrisons

I made an order online a while ago and Morrisons failed to take the payment on the day I made the order. I had lost my job and Im a single mother of 2 so due to them not taking the money I had to dip into it to get by until my benefits started. I had my first benefits today, only £317 to last a month for me and my 2 children. I went to my bank to find Morrisons had taken nearly all of my money. I phoned Morrisons regarding this and they did not care that they had left me with only £77 to last a month and took more than they should have. I basically begged them to refund the money and take half of what I owe, then the other half next month when I get paid again but they declined and said they cannot do anything. I know supermarkets can refund as I have worked in a supermarket before. I now only have £77 to last me a full month. This has to buy food for a month, new school shoes for one of my daughters, get me to my other daughters hospital appointment and pay bills. I am going to have to fall behind on my bills leaving me in more debt and I will most definatly be able to buy food to last a month or get my daughter new shoes. When I explained to the lady on the phone about ny situation, she really did not care and she had no sympathy at all. Morrisons clearly have no respect or any want to help for those in need. My children will suffer for the next month. I have no support from family, friends or the childrens father so I am on my own. How I am meant to make £77 last a month I am unsure. I will never be going to Morrisons again and I will be cutting up my Morrisons card. U was still offering to pay, just half now and half next month but they would not help me out at all. I am not bothers that I have to go without, I am very upset with the fact that my children have to suffer and Morrisons will not help me even knowing about my situation

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Amber-Rose Reynolds | | VERIFIED

Hi Stacey, thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear about this. Can you please private message me your contact details and your order number so I can look into this for you? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Amber-Rose Reynolds, Customer Assistant, Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

a a | | VERIFIED

Lol supermarkets don't give free food and allow you to pay half now and half next month. Go to the food bank for free food. Saying "due to them not taking the money I had to dip into it" makes no sense at all. You mean you thought you got away with not paying for your shopping. Then you paid the price for stealing next month when you had to pay for your shopping.
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