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Linda's complaint against Nisa

Linda Hatfield


Regularly Overcharged at Local Nisa Store

Complaint against Nisa

This evening I have been to my local Nisa store. I have noticed that many times when goods are on offer they don't come up at the correct discounted price when you get to the till. I now add up the cost of my goods as I go round because this has happened to me on at least a dozen occasions in the same store. I did actually boycott the shop for many months but needed to pop in this evening and it was just convenient. So I added my goods up as I went around and made a mental note of the prices, I watched the prices come up as the goods were scanned, and some ice lollies that were on offer at £1.50 went through the till at £2.79,straight away I said to the shop assistant, they are not £2.79 they are £1.50,oh yes he said straight away, so he already knew that they were scanning in at the wrong price. I told him that every time I come in the shop I am charged wrong,his answer was that it happens to everyone!

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